Cooking and bonefire

We love food and would like it to be a special food experience to visit Little Sweden. We produce organic flour, beer and whiskey ourselves (it takes place at the cooperative farm Brinkholm). We have a large kitchen garden with vegetables.

Finally, we have a collection of organic foodstuffs from local producers forsale, see below.

You will find supermarkets in Gevninge (4 km), Svogerslev (5,5 km) and Roskilde (10 km).

Foodstuffs available at Little Sweden

Agrain crackers and crisps

Assersmølle apple juice

Brinkholm Beer and Whisky

Brinkholm Flour

Brinkholm beer vinegar

Friis Holm Chokolade (O'payo 50% and 68%)

Hegnsholt eggs and meat (pigs)

La Treccia - mozzarella

Mørk Coffee

Noda (soft drink)

Olsen Cider

Søbogård bluebeery marmelade

Vegetables from our garden (Please ask for what is in season)